This is a Google Maps Virtual Tour of Biggar Hat Store. Please feel free to walk around. There's also a few easter eggs to look for while you walk around. The first easter egg is finding Hatter.

you can learn more about hatter below.


This Is Hatter. He's Very, very, sneaky.

See if you can find him in the virtual tour above


The Legend Of Hatter…

Hatter, met jeff biggars on a dusty road called el guajolote, somewhere ease of central Mexico. Hatter was going by the name of mollis libero at the time and had a long road ahead of him. Hatter hasnt seen a car for 3 straight days. The air was as dry as one of Jeff's jokes and the sand never stop blowing in your eyes. Hatter was in desperate need of water and sahdey place to lay down.

Then wouldn't you know it, Here comes Jeff in a custom El Camino and a paisley shirt. he saw Hatter and Hatter saw him. They didn't know it at the time but that day would change the rest of their LIVES.

Jeff pulled that neon blue El Camino to the side of the road and said, "need a Ride?". Hatter climbed INTO the PASSENGER'S seat and collapsed with exhaustion. Jeff reached up took his hat off his head to give the dig shade. He then quickly fashioned a MAKESHIFT dog bowl out of a spare leather sample given to him hours earlier. Hatter drank every drop of the last liter of water that jeff had been carrying.  

At that moment Hatter stopped going by the name of mollis libero, and Jeff never asked why.