hat should be an extension of your personality not a decoration



Biggar Hat Store is a brand new hat store with Old World experience. Jeff Biggars, along with co-founder Mike Garland, believe that your hat is the single most personal thing that you can own. Your hat after all, is an extension of your own personality. Biggar Hat Store provides the ultimate experience for getting your new hat.


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Custom Felt Hats

Schedule a one on one session with Jeff Biggars and experience first hand what goes into making your very own custom felt hat


Wedding Packages

Your country wedding starts here with custom made hats for your wedding party.


Virtual Workshop Tour 

Our experienced hatter hand-makes custom, felt hats right in the back of our store, and you can even see how they're made. 


 cowboy hats made the old west way – one at a time, starting with the best fur-felt hat body available