jeff Biggars

~The Hatter~

Jeff Biggars is in the upper echelon of all hatters. He was in management with a large retail chain, the Manager of a successful custom hat store, and General Manager of a large production company. He also designed some of the most sought after straw hats over the last few years for Resistol and American Hat Company. He has traveled across the United States visiting hat stores, and even visited the iconic Locke & Co. hattery in London, England. He has shaped thousands of hats and credits his success to his experience. "I believe that working on both sides of the hat world has allowed me to see and learn much more than the average hatter."

At Biggar Hat Store you will receive an experience getting a hat the way it should be. You can come in and sit back while a true professional shapes your hat. Please ask for a tour of the back of the store where Biggar Hats are made. Whether you get a coveted custom fit hat by Jeff Biggars, or you choose from the many other selections, hopefully you will leave Biggar Hat Store eager to tell everyone you know about your one of a kind experience. Remember...

We stand behind the quality and fit of every single hat we make 100%

Craftsmanship - Experience - Jeff Biggars